Vijaykumar Doddigarla


Mickey Minnie Mouch

Hello Minnie, How are you?

Happy Birthday.

Take Care, Goodbye, Vaks.



Happy Christmas

I wish to all this Christmas will bring you Joy and Happiness, May helps you to start new Plans and Dreams with more confident which makes your new year more beautiful.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS.                                              VJ.

Legends attitude built by their Hard Work.

—————————————- VJ.

My toy car

People may change with time, but Memories last forever as they born.     VJ.

what is Important…

Security is more important than Liberty.  VJ.

Stay with God.

We knew that GOD always loves us, but our ignorance throws away from his unconditional love towards us.

Just stay with him to experience God’s unfailing love.

Love GOD as he loves us.    VJ.

Must be used to get MOST.     VJ.

Education is the most valuable thing that this word have ever known.   VJ.



If your feelings are as true as your breath, Just let them know what you’re holding inside.   VJ.

unconditional love only happens with them where you forget yourself, then happens their happiness is your happiness.    VJ.


Saying goodbye with a beautiful kiss at rail station will keep them happy un till he meets her again, This wonderful Love protects him and brings him back to her safely.          VJ.

Where ever I am whatever happens to me, I am free.

Because my God is with me.

You only live once Just be what you are and live the happy life.    VJ.


Wait for your time..

Reasons behind it for everything that happens to us.  VJ.



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